Combining revolutionary optical power, colour camera images and an intuitive touchscreen user interface – the all new ADAM 5 spectrophotometer from Profix will revolutionise your next commercial repair. 

The software allows precise colour adjustment in just two steps. A spectrophotometer without the appropriate software is not able to match even the simplest car body colours. The cloud-based system is available on every device with an internet browser, including mobile devices (Android, iOS, tablets). Colour measurements can be sent from different locations to the mixing plants. 

They can also be stored in memory, including the name, brand, model, year and additional information. The device is WiFi enabled for communication with the mixing computer over an existing network. Adam 5 is compatible with the Profix paint refinish systems: the 2K Acryl and solvent based Karbon. 

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ADAM 5 and more.