BMW April 2022

Launched last year, the all-new Polish brand of Profix is racking up great acceptance in the market place says Ian Stack, Automotive sales manager for Dekro Paints. The complete Profix offer  includes a state-of-the-art colour formulation retrieval along with revolutionary optical powered software allowing precise colour matching in an easy-to-use tinting method. This also includes a unique after shoot recipe correction feature to eliminate waste in the body shop colour room.

“We already have eight operational end user paint distribution stores which are using the new Profix Acryl 2K special products. This is backed-up with Profix X Speed 2015 clearcoats that deliver wet coat orange peel-free final finishes every time.

The brand’s start-up phase has met with great success in the Western Cape because of its attractive pricing and excellent quality and availability. The huge Dekro Paints plant in Kuils River has a large dedicated warehouse and despatch operation now up and running on the Profix brand that supplies their Grassy Park and Maitland operational branches. The complete solvent borne package is fully imported from Poland.

Profix Success in global markets

Profix is a diversified paint maker offering the full line-up of 2K technology, which is a two component paint and is backed-up with a number of special high-build primers and multi-sealers for car refinish which includes wash, epoxy and 2K HS Primers for fast throughput and turnaround time.

The company chairman Piotr Muszkieta from Profix is also pleased with the result that was achieved at Automechanika South Africa last year. Multichem are the holding company for the Profix brand internationally and have been racking up great success on world markets.

They offer a full 10-year guarantee which supplies any end user peace of mind on the paint systems. This research and development is paying big dividends with a range of premium scales which eliminates over shoots when colour matching takes place.

With interactive software, all this, plus their quality standard of ISO9001 20000 and ISO 9001-2009 which carry extensive product quality audits ensure high quality refinish paint at all times and their attention to manufacturing details delivers great quality at each stage of the repair body shop’s operation.

You can get more information on all the Profix refinish products by calling the team at Dekro Paints on +27 (0)21 1903 2307 or visit