BMW April 2022

The harmony of colour has become even easier thanks to the Profix Adam 5 spectrophotometer. The device is adapted to measure the colour parameters of any car. The obtained measurement can then be sent to the cloud or a recipe programme installed on the computer. 

You can now determine colours precisely with this quick and easy automated technology. Thanks to the ADAM 5 spectrophotometer, you really can save time and money in the long run. You can measure very small surfaces. With visual and audio instructions, it makes the operation child’s play. 

Their programmers constantly improve performance and new options on the device ensuring optimal colour. Colouring in just two steps will save time and material that you have used up until now to colour properly. 

Collecting data has improved the process of colour selection and has streamlined the process. ADAM 5 will not only save results on your computer using wired technology, but it is also wireless.  

Compatible Cloud application allows you to track the user’s work process with access to the recipe programme. The cloud-based system is available on any device with a web browser. 

Contact Dekro Paints, importer of the Profix range for more on ADAM 5 and much more, on +27 (0)21 000 8609.