Spies Hecker

Substance can be measured in years. The longevity of a successful business shows in the number of years employees have dedicated their time and effort in going above and beyond in achieving their best for that company. Many of the employees at Precision Auto Spray have been working for the company 20, 30 and even 38 years! Automotive Refinisher were recently shown their new premises, as Precision Auto Spray have moved from Pretoria West to The Willows, East of Pretoria.  

The company itself has been in business for 50 years and is a great testimony to the three generations that have been involved in achieving this goal. The secret to their success lies in the way they treat everyone involved in the company – and of course their customers. Manuel de Castro started Precision Auto Spray in 1969. August, his son, and Nelson, his grandson have carried on building the business through the ebb and flow of changing technology and vehicles. “My grandfather was a very active man and gave us a lot of guidance and support from his side. He is truly missed in the business each day,” says Nelson.  

As you reach the glass doors of the new premises at Precision Auto Spray, it has the feel of a showroom floor usually only found at a car dealership. It’s here that customers collect their vehicle once repaired. It makes the owner feel like they’re driving a new car right off the showroom the floor! 

From the welcoming reception through to the back end of the shop where the repairs take place, everything is pristinely clean. Instead of an aluminium bay there is an aluminium bolt-on area which does makes more sense from an investment point of view – yet still keeps OEMs happy. There are two spray booths with a mixing room in the middle kitted out with the Glasurit range – the company’s refinish coatings choice for some 38 years. 

The team at BASF Coatings, Pretoria, were involved in the workflow design of the new premises. These two teams have a long history together as Lulu Kock from BASF Coatings Pretoria was mentored by Manuel de Castro when she first started out in the industry. The ongoing aftersales service and business development help has been invaluable in keeping them as streamlined and efficient as possible in the day-to-day running of the company.  

At Precision Auto Spray the 35 staff are treated like family. They are well trained and are used to working with customers and delivering excellent work.  

Constant commitment and passion in all the team do at Precision Auto Spray will see them continue on their onward and upward trajectory. A truly shining example of how things should be done in our ever-changing industry.