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In a move that will empower and improve industry standards, our PPG Refinish team has given its full commitment to VWSA to ensure that all approved motor body repairers (MBR’s) using the PPG Envirobase® HP product range, are trained and certified on the car manufacturer’s mandatory basic training (V-TK-125-1601) for spray painters.

More than that, we are also proud to confirm that South Africa has fully introduced and embraced this training initiative with the first of these training sessions held at the PPG Training Centre in Johannesburg at the end of March and the sessions concluded for all repairers during the first week in October.

Each trainee was fully assessed on all aspects of spray painting, on the theory, as well as practical applications. According to Earl Hill, PPG SA’s national technical and training manager, the South African VTK team also developed a radar to track performance and conduct delegate assessments.

“We have successfully completed the curriculum and we are delighted at the professionalism displayed by the delegates”, said Earl. “They were very knowledgeable about our products, the standard of application techniques were well above average and their eagerness to learn added to the success of the sessions.”

Introduced on a global scale, the training emphasises PPG’s status as approved waterborne paint supplier. It also gives PPG the opportunity to get closer to its VW MBR’s and ultimately to new business prospects.

“PPG appreciates the continuing evolution of motor manufacturer paint finishes and the warranty repair products, processes and techniques required to return vehicles to service in showroom condition.

“This understanding is closely linked with our professional training courses, aimed at equipping the applicator with indispensable knowledge and the skills not only to increase performance and knowledge, but also to deliver the perfect finish every time,” says Earl.

PPG would like to thank all their VW MBR’s for their continued and loyal support and positive participation with the training sessions.

Together we will learn, together we will become stronger.