BMW April 2022

The refinish industry has evolved dramatically over the last decade.  PPG Refinish South Africa adapted our strategy in the approach towards the marketplace and the business organisation therefore embarked on a transformation journey during 2021.

As part of our strategy, Tammy Robberts was appointed as national manager for the Automotive Collision Repair (CAR) segment.

Tammy started her career in the automotive refinish industry in 1994 and has been an active participant of the industry ever since. PPG managed to gain the talent of Tammy when she joined the PPG Automotive Refinish organisation in 2013, as regional manager.

 In her previous role as regional sales manager, Tammy has been a fundamental contributor in creating value for our customers, growing the business, creating brand awareness, and taking innovation to the next level. 

In 2018, Tammy received a Rainmaker Award for the contribution she made to help EMEA achieve our Big 5 goals. The Rainmaker honour celebrates and recognises Tammy’s accomplishments, which showed a significant increase of sales and market footprint in regions including, but not limited to Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Namibia. 

Further to Tammy’s appointment, Grant Graff was appointed as national manager for the Light Industrial Coatings (LIC) segment. 

Grant started his journey in the paint industry in 1995 and having an existing knowledge of the Automotive Refinish Industry, Grant joined PPG in March 2014.  In his role as regional sales manager (LIC) for the Western Cape, Grant has been instrumental in accelerating organic growth and developing the LIC segment over the past seven years. Thanks to his immense passion and dedication, Grant has been a key contributor in creating brand awareness of particularly Selemix® in regions including, but not limited to Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Namibia.

Their focus, drive and objectives, together with their respective teams, will include the delivery of profitable growth, they will focus on segments and geographies representing the best growth enablers for our business and they will strive to become more agile to move with the ever-changing environment we operate in. To top this off, they will drive excellence in our approach towards the marketplace and in operations, ensuring we automate, digitalise and improve processes, wherever possible.

Congratulations to both Tammy and Grant. We wish you every success in your new roles and adventures.