BMW April 2022

PPG are proud to supply their products to Bell Racing Helmets whose customers include several Formula 1 drivers, as well as countless world champions and racing teams.  

The expert quality and paint development abilities of PPG presents opportunities for partnerships with companies like Bell, who share their passion for perfection.  

Innovation, skill and style 

PPG understands the complex needs of the motor industry and the importance of innovative partnerships in helping teams successfully and stylishly cross that finish line.  

Bell Racing Helmets has been at the forefront of the sport since the 1950s with multiple innovations in the design and structure of their helmets. This includes the development of lightweight composite material shells, ventilation systems, advanced aerodynamic designs and anti-fog shields. 

The quality that Bell strives for also needs to be reflected in their paint system. Our advanced coating technology can meet the complex aesthetic and technical demands of today’s helmets.   

Most require several colours, repetitive masking and airbrushing, matt and gloss finishes as well as a multitude of special tints such as chrome, pearls and candies. 

The standard of application techniques used by the specialist painters is pushed to a whole new level. Long gone is the time of a single solid colour, decorated with a name and age; a skilled painter can spend up to 50 hours on one helmet.  

Whatever the inspiration, PPG can equip these master technicians with the colour and finish they need to make their creative aspirations a reality.  

Weight, safety and speed 

Bell controls every stage of its refinishing process to make sure that helmets are as light as possible while controlling the key safety parameters during the process. PPG and Bell’s shared expertise enable drivers to wear safe, lightweight, colourful and stunning helmets. The finished product is as unique as the iconic drivers, past and present, who have proudly worn a Bell Racing Helmet. 

At Bell, a helmet needs to have minimal weight possible. The G-force in the car stresses the body, particularly the neck of the driver.  

Every single gram adds more strain to the driver during acceleration, high-speed cornering and heavy braking. 

A lighter helmet can reduce driver fatigue and enhance performance helping to deliver a winning result. 

A dynamic partnership – pushing the boundaries of coating technology 

PPG enthusiastically embraces a partnership that includes technical support and the introduction of the latest coating advances with Bell Racing Helmets and others in the world of motorsports.  

Working with industry-­leading manufacturers like Bell Racing provides an unrivalled opportunity for meeting the uncompromising demands of a high-stress environment combined with durable, eye-catching appearance. 

Our understanding of the complex demands of the motorsport industry has facilitated this evolving partnership with Bell Racing Helmets.  

As their needs and aspirations change, so too does our determination to exceed their expectations. The partnership between PPG and Bell Racing Helmets challenges us both to strive for the perfect finish, every time.  

“Long gone is the time of a single solid colour,  decorated with a name and age; a skilled painter can spend up to fifty hours on one helmet.”