BMW April 2022

PPG continues to build on their impressive legacy of innovation with the launch of an inventive paint mixing solution – MOONWALK™.  The launch of this proprietary technology marks an historic moment in the refinish industry, also for South Africa, where 200 specially invited quests attended the MoonWalk reveal in Midrand.   

The team of PPG specialists who developed MoonWalk were committed to innovate and create a new standard in paint mixing, primarily focusing on the pain points of users. Following a very intensive three year development cycle, involving R&D engineers, field technicians and pilot customers, the MoonWalk team succeeded in developing a robust and affordable solution, sized to fit all mixing rooms. 

This easy-to-use machine will definitively change the level of expectations from all Refinish industry stakeholders.

Using MoonWalk significantly reduces product waste, saves productive labour time and transforms the mixing room into a cleaner, safer and more attractive environment. Paint consumption is strongly optimised thanks to this drop-free, colour accurate and highly precise ready-to-spray dispensing solution.


With MoonWalk, a body shop will see an average of approximately 9% product saving.  It also reduced the average mixing time by approximately 15 minutes. “The benefit of precision in automation is that it delivers improved consistency”, said Earl Hill, national training and technical manager.

Paint technicians and body shop managers will benefit from the extreme accuracy coming from the automation of the mixing process, improving speed, quality and colour consistency. Body shops using MoonWalk colour dispenser will, most likely, attract painters who are keen to work in environment where they can use their core skills.

In addition to the mixing machine, the standard MoonWalk pack also includes: 

A TOUCHMIX® Express large touchscreen computer with intuitive smart on-board software and PPG latest PAINTMANAGER® XI colour management software

An ultra-accurate two digit scale and a label printer

Installation, training and 3 years warranty on the mixing machine and assistance service, with the option to extend to 5 years.

“Customer centricity, pain identification and innovative thinking process are the pillars of the MoonWalk project. In our focus to convert non-expressed pains into gains and tangible and measurable value for our customers, MoonWalk aims at setting up a new standard in the industry. 

Less product waste, more value-added time and no mess in the paint mixing area, immediately brings higher efficiency, quality, productivity and employee satisfaction to any body shop working with MoonWalk. MoonWalk is an innovative value generator for the Refinish industry” said Alban d’EPENOUX, PPG Refinish Business Director for the CEMTA region and MoonWalk Project Leader.

With MoonWalk and its performing waterborne basecoat product platform will revolutionizing how collision repair centers will operate in the future, generating value from the colour mixing operations.  PPG will offer the best refinish painting experience ever to its customers.

Welcome into a new era. With MoonWalk.


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