BMW April 2022

In today’s marketplace one can never be too sure with the multitude of glass options available. They may appear to better suit your pocket but may be falling short when it comes to safety. The main concerns when selecting a new windscreen are occupant safety and keeping the original functionality of all the components intact. 

The windscreen is an important safety feature in a vehicle as it accounts for up to 30% of the vehicle’s structural strength and can prevent occupants from being ejected out of the vehicle in an event of an accident. Many vehicle owners are not aware of how vital a role the windscreen plays in the safety of a vehicle’s occupants and quickly choose the cheapest option when repairing or replacing a windscreen – a decision that could cost a life. 

With critical technology and camera systems, which form a part of the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) incorporated into modern vehicles and situated on the windscreens in most of these vehicles, it is of utmost importance to ensure that these forward-facing cameras are operating correctly after windscreen replacement, for the safety of the driver and their passengers. This is where training and the expertise of an automotive glass installer comes into play. It used to be simply brake pads, shock absorbers and tyres that were your safety critical items – however, in this day and age of Lidar, Radar, built-in cameras and other technological advancements included in the vehicle, it’s a serious game when it comes to windscreen installation.

Starting just over three years ago, South Africa’s leading windscreen installers, PG Glass, began their national ‘PG Recalibration’ roll-out of their Bosch Recalibration systems across specific fitment centres in all major metropoles. The reason for the ‘PG Recalibration’ drive is to address the issues surrounding recalibration of ADAS components on the windscreen and to offer a competent and competitive alternative for South Africans to have these systems safely recalibrated to OEM specifications. 

This ensures peace-of-mind for customers that the front-facing camera(s) or radar systems installed on their windscreens as part of the vehicle’s ADAS systems are professionally returned to manufacturer settings. Their ‘PG Recalibrations’ campaign has been welcomed by the aftermarket due to the complex nature of restoring these systems. Knowing that such a reputable name in the business is recalibrating these systems back to OEM specification grows confidence in the market.

PG Glass is well ahead of the game thanks to their global partnership with Belron International, a worldwide leader in vehicle glass repair and replacement, and with Belron’s strong relationships with equipment specialists Bosch Systems AG, the roll-out of Bosch’s state-of-the-art laser guided recalibration units across SA has ensured professional recalibration making sure driver safety comes first.

PG Glass has a history of servicing the country’s windscreen needs for as long as most of the motoring public can remember. The company is armed with a team of highly trained and accredited technicians, adopting only the latest and best in glass repair and replacement technologies. 

Shatterprufe is a name synonymous with supplying quality, proudly South African manufactured glass to the local as well as international markets, with a long history of supplying OEM glass to local manufacturers such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, Isuzu and Nissan to name just a few. Sourcing primarily from Shatterprufe, PG Glass has a wide variety of locally produced windscreen options to choose from whether it be the original OEM part or a more economically priced matching part.

The beauty of PG Glass’s products is that they are locally manufactured which supports our local glass industry and the thousands of people that produce them. The South African public are becoming very aware of how important it is to support local business without compromising on quality. Local economic stimulation has never been more important since the advent of the pandemic.

PG has a very well organised 24-hour National Customer Contact Centre, with a network of more than 110 Fitment Centres nationally and boast a fleet of highly trained professional and accredited Mobile Technicians that provide a hassle-free service and excellent standard of fitment with lifetime warranties. This is what we have come to expect from this world-class company. Their new website and App gives you another fuss-free option to claim and schedule a time for your fitment making it even more convenient as a customer.