BMW April 2022

PG Glass recently opened a one-of-a-kind concept store focussing on the LLumar range of products in the hub of Sandton’s central business district. This LLumar concept type store offers great brand exposure due to its prime location opposite Sandton’s Gautrain station.

Speaking to Donovan Taylor, Technical Manager for LLumar SA, who joined the company over nine years ago, he said,­ ”The demand for the company’s paint protection film (PPF) has surged over the past five years due to LLumar’s continuous product development and film performance. Our factory-backed 10 year warranty offered on our Platinum PPF is industry leading. This kind of brand exposure and location positioning is exactly where we need to be as market leaders.”

The history of the LLumar brand, which goes back nearly 40 years to its inception in 1977, is quite an interesting one as its manufacturer, the Eastman Chemical Company, was founded by George Eastman, one of the founders of the Eastman Kodak Company in 1888. You would be correct in thinking that it is the same Kodak film name that you remember from when you loaded film into cameras once upon a time. If you are looking for quality film then rest assured, these are the guys who know how to produce the stuff.

While doing this interview on-site at the new PG Glass store, a car came in for a Quarter Frontal installation. This is vehicle protection for the whole front of the vehicle, stretching back approximately 15cm onto the bonnet and fenders, including the front bumper and headlights and is a fraction of the cost that you would expect to pay. Other coverage options are available. There is a Full Frontal that will shield your “mobile bank balance” up until the A-Pillar, as well as a Full Vehicle Wrap. The most common areas that can be covered are the top of the rear bumper to protect during loading and unloading of the boot, the recesses behind the door handles, the door edges and mirrors.  However, the team at Llumar are more than happy to customise any application to suit your requirement – be it just the bonnet, bumper or any high traffic area part of the car.

The finished product delivers an extremely high gloss finish, without defect, which seems to enhance the brilliance and colour of the paintwork. To add to it, the film is not noticeable and is hydrophobic, meaning it offers excellent stain resistance to bird droppings or wet tar. It also makes your car much easier to clean and it will keep its sparkling sheen for longer.

Should you at any stage notice a scratch on the film, it’s as simple as parking the vehicle in direct sunlight, or even pouring a little hot water over the affected area and letting the film’s self-healing properties go to work. LLumar’s high tech top coat would have filled and sealed the damage making it look as if nothing has happened.

So if it’s a quote you are after or any queries on how you could benefit from LLumar’s Paint Protection Film, check out PG Glass at 100 Rivonia Road, Sandton. Alternatively visit to find out where your nearest installer is.