BMW April 2022

On the 9th September 2020, Peter Nasser lost his battle to COVID-19. Peter was a legend in the automotive refinishing industry, highly-respected and valued for his knowledge of the industry, as well as his kindness and compassion for all.

In the early 1990’s Peter owned a small shop in the Johannesburg region, Kings Paint and Abrasives, selling products to the Automotive Refinishing Industry. MAB Auto Group, bought his shop in 1995 taking over his client base, and employing Peter as one of their senior sales representatives. Little did they know at the time that Peter would become one of their most valued employees and a partner in the group.

When MAB Auto Group was sold to BASF in 2008, Peter joined Bulldog Abrasives Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd selling consumables, until RSB Auto Group opened in 2010, where his journey with R-M paint began. Over the years, he built special friendships and relationships with both his co-workers and customers.

In 1996, Oscar Mavundla approached Peter for a job opportunity at Bulldog Abrasives, where he is currently the Training Manager. Like with Oscar, Peter helped many other spray painters, panelbeaters, flatters, maskers, polishers and assemblers find employment within the industry, more often than not, providing them with exactly the job they were looking for. “People in the industry were devastated when they heard about the passing of Peter. They keep on saying to me, “That man has helped me so much and we owe him”. He was a very good and kind man.” says Oscar.

He built relationships with customers that surpassed that of any business relationship, and would stop at nothing to make sure his customers were satisfied. He was considered to be family by many of his customers who often referred to him as their uncle. His charismatic wit, personality and demeanour will be sorely missed by both the owners and staff members of all of his customers.

“Peter and I worked closely together on a daily basis, and became very close, not just professionally,  we became good friends. I learned so much from him as he was a legend in our industry and very well respected.  Such a passionate and loyal man, with a wealth of knowledge. We are all going to miss him terribly.” says RSB Auto Group CEO, Warren Tollman.

Everyone who knew Peter can vouch for the fact that his family was his biggest passion and greatest love – this is where he drew his strength from. Everything that he did in his life, he always had his family in mind and they always came first. “It’s all about family”, he used to say. Peters family always knew that they could turn to him for help, and nothing was ever too big for him to handle when it came to his family. He always taught them not to sweat the small stuff, keep life simple and that every cloud has a silver lining.

Peter Nasser was a kind man with good manners and a gentle heart. He was loved by all and will be sorely missed by his family, friends, colleagues, customers, and everyone who had the privalige of knowing this great man. He is survived by his caring wife, Patsy, his loving children, Taryn, Alec and Damon, and his beautiful grandchildren, Kyla, Jasmine, Crystal, Justin, Leah, James and Thomas.

All of his partners at RSB, Bulldog Abrasives and YES are devastated by his loss. His passion for the industry, love for his customers, belief in the products that he sold and will to help customers understand the benefits of his beliefs are qualities that anybody who wants to be successful in the industry should strive for.  He was a gentlemen in both his business and social lives and treated others with respect and compassion. Peter Nasser was an exceptional person and will be fondly remembered by all of us.

We will forever remember the legend that was Peter Nasser, and even though he was taken from us so suddenly, his legacy will live with us forever. Rest in Peace Peter Nasser, we love you and miss you. From your partners.