BMW April 2022

Pat Channon spent his working life involved in the paint industry and specialised in the development of refinish systems in the South African market where he became a key role player in the collision repair market.

He grew up in the Eastern Cape in the Fort Beaufort area where he met and married his childhood sweetheart Eileen. Pat’s ambitions of a larger sales role within the Duco Dulux company were rewarded way back in 1989 when he moved up from Port Elizabeth to work out of the company headquarters in Alrode. The trade was making more paint refinish systems and great change emerged over those years. He became national sales manager for their up and coming Dualthane K range of 2K paints which enjoyed a decade of success.

Pat saw the re-introduction of the BASF refinish range of products and also contributed to their entry to the local market. When Dulux went on to import the world paint brand of PPG he took on another role.  Upon his retirement Pat and Eileen, who was a lifetime nursing professional, saw Pat once again back with another brand: Kapci. He was involved in establishing the Egyptian brand of Kapci refinish which also became a major player in the trade of car repairs.

After a life in refinish paint, Pat and Eileen and their son Dean settled in Durban. Pat was an extremely sociable person who capably established lifetime friendships right across the country and his customers always regarded him as type of soul mate who operated a free standfast friendship to his family.

In recent times Eileen suffered a degree of ill health and Pat took on a nursing home help role, besides occasionally motoring off to see his old customers and trade pals.

Pat died suddenly in Durban and we will all miss his witty remarks and his ability to always be available for a social occasion in business or with his family.

Pat Channon was a man who was always there with a solid personality that earned him great respect in all his dealings in the refinish trade. The trade owes him a debt of gratitude for a lifetime of hard work in the business. He was a truly personable man and we will all miss him.