BMW April 2022

Parkhill Panelbeaters, situated in Park Rynie, Scottburgh, on the KZN South Coast, is part of the very successful Halfway Toyota Group. In line with the company’s philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’, Basil Ogle and Marc Calliontzis, managers at Parkhill, had a fresh look at how to improve workflow and capacity at Parkhill in order to meet the demand for small accident repairs with quicker turn-around times. 

Parkhill Panelbeaters upgrade 

Moving to improve the speed of body repairs, much planning by Parkhill’s management together with its business partner Glasurit, resulted in a workshop revamp and the recently commissioned Glasurit Multiwork-Place. The Glasurit Multiwork-Place is a concept designed to enable bodyshops to increase the output of small one to two panel repairs dramatically. 

Dennis Dempsey from Aerocure KZN said that they fully installed the new Multiwork-Place in around 10 days and were extremely satisfied with the final outcome. The Multiwork-Place is equipped with 2000 lux lighting, internal scissor lifts, Festool’s portable sanding/polishing systems and infra-red drying lamps. 

Basil Ogle completed a special training session conducted by Glasurit’s technical team, being Wayne Brandon and Barry Dalais. The technical team came down for hands-on training as the Parkhill employees ramp up production to complete between four and eight additional cars a day, to keep pace with the increased demand from their work providers.  

Glasurit’s Advanced Business Solutions Consultant, Paul Rathbone is very excited about the installation at Parkhill. Glasurit, being a leading paint supplier globally has been working on the Small Repair “Multiwork-Place” concept, now branded Glasurit 1 Stop for a number of years. Paul mentioned that the Glasurit Smart Repair concept has been designed around market needs globally. South Africa, however, being an emerging economy, follows very closely on the heels of the technology and concepts launched in the first world. The strong demand from work providers for the refinish industry to be efficient and reduce key to key times as well as the market trend, were the amount of large repairs is fast declining, placed Glasurit in the perfect position to launch this concept in South Africa with one of its business partners, Aerocure. 

The concept involves a self-contained work area, that has all the equipment required for a technician to complete a small repair from start to finish.  

Parkhill has been on a journey for a number of years of implementing continuous improvement in the workplace, focusing on the ‘how to’ of doing a job right first time, on time, at a fair price, to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Right first time efficiency is a vital part of giving the customer value and a fair price with a fast turnaround time on a damaged vehicle, according to Marc.  

Parkhill had been planning the new area for a year and it is now a reality as a state-of-the-art production piece for technology that will keep them ahead for years to come in supporting their local community.