BMW April 2022

Fender Bender Finance recognises the exposure the Panel Beater Directory has with the body shop industry and that the public is looking for reputable repairers for their damaged vehicles. That is why Fender Bender Finance has decided to use its various platforms to create brand awareness for its finance programme.

The Panel Beater Directory has various platforms covering the different needs of its readers and users. It is linked to Lightstone CSI, making it great for a prospective client to find the best body shop for them in their area.

They boast a listing of 1 900 body shops – many of which now have a presence on the internet, thanks to help from the Panel Beater Directory. The site receives 1 500 unique visits a day, so what they are doing is clearly working. 

‘As a small business, we pride ourselves in uplifting honest and ethical business practices as well as great workmanship, all while trying to promote the body shop network in South Africa to the greater public. Promoting a financial solution such as Fender Bender that enables repairs to the benefit of both panel shops and customers is truly motivating!’ says Thys Cronjé, CEO of the Panel Beater Directory.  

He says: ‘Another example of how the company has been working for the financial benefit of the industry over the past eight years is the development of a business-to-business portal. At no extra cost to members, we facilitate the members’ network to upload and trade excess spares, parts, and equipment in a secure environment among themselves. This gets jobs done quicker and unlocks cashflow tied up in stores.’

All those involved in this initiative are excited to see how this new synergy will play out and they look forward to growing together in business.