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Panel Beater Directory is a local family run business based in Pretoria, who are doing great things for the promotion and productivity of the South African collision repair industry. Their sole focus is to promote private panel repair businesses across Southern Africa by means of making panel shops much more visible online to clients who need to find a reputable body shop in their area. Thanks to their ingenious algorithms and specific key word strategies, they are able to direct local online business to you.

Christoff Cronje, co-founder and websmith of Web Directories said: “After doing extensive market research regarding the panel beating industry in 2013, we came to the realisation that there was not much quality information available when a prospective customer or industry professional was searching for an approved panel beating business online. This was due to a few key factors, the most important being that approximately 90% of the panel beating industry are individually owned, family businesses. This makes any national marketing initiative, as a collective brand, to the motoring public, impossible”. They also found that collision repair businesses were solely responsible for their own brand promotion and awareness campaigns as service providers in the collision repair industry. This is how the Panel Beater Directory was born. It is a flagship product of Web Directories.

“We offer any regulated and reputable panel shop in South Africa with an opportunity to take up a featured membership in the Panel Beater Directory, where we actively promote their businesses to more than 2 000 daily individuals that require the services of panel beaters. Just in the month of May, 2018 we had more than 40 000 active sessions in the Panel Beater Directory,” Cronje added.

Another interesting fact about the Panel Beater Directory is that close to 40% of their daily visitors – about 800 individuals – are industry professionals (brokers, claims clerks, assessors and industry suppliers) that make use of their product offering to communicate with panel shops across the country.

Cronje continued: “Since the launch of the Panel Beater Directory we have managed to affiliate close to a 1 000 panel shops nationwide as featured members, and we have retained approximately 95% of our clients during the past five years, which is a real feather in our cap.”

The company is currently in the process of developing their first mobile application, specifically focused to meet the needs of the collision repair community in Southern Africa. Featured members of the Panel Beater Directory will automatically receive  exclusive access to this application at no extra cost, where they will be able to execute a number of different functions, including, but not limited to:

*The management and marketing results of their own featured membership profile in the Panel Beater Directory.

*An exclusive business to business (B2B) parts & equipment trading platform that will empower panel shop owners across the country with the ability to buy and sell various parts and equipment pieces from one another.

*Special discounted deals offered by various industry suppliers.

*There will also be an Industry News section on the App that will be powered by the team at Automotive Refinisher. Members will be able to stay up to date with the latest industry news.

One can see that the Panel Beater Directory team are doing what they do best in the business of promoting our local repair industry. They optimise panel shop profitability by connecting clients with body shops. For more information visit www.panelbeaterdirectory.co.za and secure your company’s share of the local daily interactions.