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In keeping with a drive to become one of KZN’s top quality crash repair destinations, Palace Paint and Panel has just completed a phase of introduction of the latest Celette Sevenne Griffon Fixed Jig Repair Bench which is billed as one of the most accurate collision repair systems available today. “With this bench,” says Clifford Christian, “we’re able to carry out repairs without any guesswork. This is because the jigs are factory exact to the car’s original dimensions. It delivers repeatability every time.

“The set-up time has been decreased by the roll on deck. The quality of our repairs now takes only a matter of seconds on a visual check, with the platform base returned to its original size. All the upper parts fit on and are easy to position correctly.

“The Celette Sevenne Griffon is as capable as we expected and it has allowed us to increase output from the panel shop section considerably. Clients now get their work on time with the peace of mind that our work is right the first time everytime,” Christian concluded.