BMW April 2022

Car refinishers who like to work efficiently will be impressed by the introduction of Octoral C450 Scratch Resistant Rapid Repair Clear. This technologically advanced clearcoat yields time savings of between 30% and 50%. 

Octoral has expanded its range of clear coats with an innovative new product that delivers on durability, speed and finish. Octoral C450 Scratch Resistant Rapid Repair Clear is a scratch-resistant clear coat that dries quickly in all conditions. At room temperature, it dries in just 45 minutes (20ºC) and in as little as 3 to 5 minutes if force dried at 60°C or 40°C.  Developed to meet the needs of the high production body shop it promises a substantial increase in productivity, energy and cost-effectiveness.  

Octoral C450 Scratch Resistant Rapid Repair Clear has been specially developed as a fast-acting clear coat with added durability for spot and panel repairs. It delivers a high-quality gloss finish that has long lasting resistance against the effects of the weather  or scratches from a car wash.  

With Scratch Resistant Rapid Repair Clear, Octoral now offers the perfect clear coat for every application.