BMW April 2022

There’s good news for experts in the automotive industry. Octoral has developed a primer specifically geared towards OEM and aftermarket panels, that now allow process steps to be skipped without sacrificing that perfect finish. Octoral PH254 High Production Non-Sanding Primer puts a shorter turnaround time and higher production volumes within easy reach because drying and sanding are no longer necessary and the next layer can be applied wet-on-wet. A solution is as straightforward as this is smart for an industry where productivity is crucial.  

Surprisingly quick and easy process 

Octoral’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of products for the refinish market. The introduction of a non-sanding primer marks a considerable leap in terms of the line’s ability to fulfil the needs of the market. The new High Production Non-Sanding Primer from Octoral is a wet-on-wet primer system designed to give unsanded E-coat layers the ultimate finish. The result will rival more traditional treatments where the primer layer has to dry before sanding and before applying the next layer. Skipping steps and achieving perfect results in less time are reasons enough for the automotive industry to be delighted with this new product in Octoral’s primer line.  

About Valspar Automotive 

Valspar Automotive in Lelystad (NL) is a subsidiary of Sherwin-Williams, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coatings. Valspar Automotive produces and distributes the following colour mixing systems: Octoral®, DeBeer Refinish®, Matrix®Prospray® and Valspar Refinish®.