BMW April 2022

One thing for sure on the technical changes sides of refinish, is that there are many changes taking place to increase process speed in the paint shop and add value to the Octoral refinish system – were the words of Neil Janse van Rensburg, technical services rep for The Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes division locally.

Using the Hurricane training facility in Midrand, the whole Octoral technical team just completed an updated course on technical innovation for the five AutoCity national branches. It is good news that these specialist technical sales people can go and drive and support the value offer further that Octoral already offers.

The Train-the Trainer’s new syllabus now includes a top to bottom approach to body shop best practices, which includes using the latest PH254 High Production Non-Sanding Primer which delivers better hold out and a faster drying time at the basic level of preparation. It can be used as both a wet-on-wet flash primer and a high-build filler to match production demands.

Along with this, there was an introduction of a small addition of mysterious toners for the latest colour matching capability on greys, red and blue, among others in the xyrillic pearl shades introduced by some car manufacturers.

The Valspar spectrophotometer offers amazingly precise colour options to match the vehicle’s original colour. Sherwin-Williams are constantly working on research and development and have recently introduced a special scratch resistant rapid drying clear coat, C450, which they have just completed training on overseas and locally. It is a vital part of the AutoCity Groups national tech service back-up for body shops, to deliver the value of savings in their system users paint shops. With this hands-on focus and approach for the groups entire demonstration and service team they are in good shape to drive the Octoral brands expansion to the next level.

For more information visit or visit the Autocity branches to upgrade your paint shops performance:

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