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Saint-Gobain Abrasives, have launched Cyclonic, a range of sanding products under the NORTON brand.  Norton Cyclonic is a new concept with a complete system of products colour coded by application steps for quick and easy selection in a busy body shop.

The sanding range which consists of sanding discs, pre-cut rolls and accessories for both hand and machine sanding has been specifically engineered using Multi-Air Cyclonic technology and soft foam backing for finer grits. This advancement in design ensures that each sanding stage gives the best finish for the next step; minimising sanding time, increasing productivity, and giving an overall perfect surface finish prior to painting.

Cyclonic sanding discs provide improved performance through a unique hole pattern which is laser cut into the disc. The precise cutting technique means discs are flatter for closer sanding, dust extraction is better and the abrasive surface area is increased. In addition, the foam backing used on finer grits, allow the discs to adapt to surface curves and contours for a smooth, consistent finish.

The Norton Cyclonic sanding cycle consists of four key sanding stages, from stripping and levelling filler to primer finishing, with two optional application stages for heavy duty and final finishing applications.

Norton’s product manager for the Automotive Refinish market says “Norton Cyclonic provides a complete and unique solution for body shops with an excellent choice of sanding and finishing discs and rolls which offer-time saving benefits, a simple to follow system as well as helping to achieve a perfect surface finish. We have developed this integrated sanding system in order to meet the needs of the body shop, and we are confident that we have designed the best solution.”

To learn more about Norton Cyclonic, visit www.nortonabrasives.com

For more information contact your local Saint-Gobain representative Thabo Nyamane at 0860 NORTON (667866) or  send him an email him at: Thabo.nyamane@saint-gobain.com