BMW April 2022

By the time this article will be published in the Automotive Refinisher magazine the Merseta Grant Application for Year 22 should have been completed by the Company’s Skills Development Facilitator (SDF).

In this magazine I want to bring some crucial matters to your attention. You should by now be aware that the learner Grant Funding for Year 22 has been increased to R206 290 per artisan apprentice enrolled by a company. It is effective from 1 April, 2021.

Secondly, please apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) funding when completing the Grant Application for Year 22.  In this way you can financially assist the employees wanting to qualify as a panelbeater or spray painter. This funding may also help your estimator to complete the RPL-VDQ process to get qualified. Please contact me if more information is needed.

Government is serious about Skills Training. In this regard you have to get an eye on the National Skills Development Plan 2030.  A Skills Programme that is undertaken in a body shop by an accredited Skills Development Provider that leads to the attainment of Credits, R385 per credit, is paid by the Merseta.

The ITC has also started up a Skills Training Programme for 20 disabled (deaf) learners starting on 1 March, 2021. If a body shop employs people with disabilities (pwd) it has an influence on your BEE points of the company. These learners are trained to undertake the tasks of the general worker (panelbeating and spraypainting) as well as those of the repair shop assistant (mechanical: suspension fitter Part 1 and 2).

The Skills Programmes is accredited by the Merseta and has a total credit value of 198 when a learner is found competent after assessment  and validation.

Six learners come from Lephalale (Ellisras) and 14 live in and around Pretoria.  On request, ITC will gladly supply the contact details of companies that employ some of our learners if you want to participate in this effort to employ people with disabilities.

Among disabled people we have the saying: “You have to be better to be equal.”

Groetnis, Ook Frik


By Dr Frik Botha