BMW April 2022

In the face of an ever-larger demand for body shops to meet repairs, mainly coming from the 70% of drivers who don’t carry insurance, the Marouns Group have been busy developing a totally new value line in the Xcéla range of refinish. “Xcéla offers one of the most user-friendly systems on the market,” says Noel van der Berg, national operations manager. The group have taken time to train and learn how to enhance coverage and improve colour accuracy with this new system. “Currently we are installing around 15 systems into collision repair centres who are seeking better value and preference on their chosen paint refinish line. The company will by year-end, have introduced around 50 of the new Xcéla mixing benches into the national refinish customer line up.”  

At the current pricing levels, we feel that Xcéla offers a top line colour brilliance formula back-up with the use of 71 XB basecoat toners along with 23 XK twin pack toners which meets and exceeds their competitors in this end of the market structure. 

“Technical testing, which has been in process for some months now proved better business and cost reductions all round with Xcéla,” said Cindy Mathey, sales and technical representative Midrand. They are upbeat about the finished wet look results that the clearcoat delivers. In fact, the X100HS Radiant Clear is world class in ease-of-use and its final look with low levels of rejects and a superb wet-look on dried part films.  

“With this exclusive distribution into our national footprint of the Marouns Group of the Xcéla brand, we are now able to offer a viable alternative to the automotive repair industry which is more economical and technical assured,” concludes Noel. 

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