BMW April 2022

Kapci K20 (Fast Cut-Step 1), K40 (Medium Cut-Step 2) AND K90 Compounds are premium quality silicone and wax free compounds developed by Kapci Coatings. Their proven effectiveness makes them a cut above the rest. The compounds work with less effort for all car refinish paint systems in eliminating marks of wear and tear as well as overspray signs. 

K20 and K40 now available in one litre packaging; are real revolutionary compounds as they work in all workshop setups, be it on rotary machines or dual action polishers. Their easy to apply paste form, guarantees fast and easy polish jobs and a brilliant surface. The compounds are used on white sponge or on wool pads and can be used manually. Affordability is another key benefit of Kapci Compounds and always available on order. Customers have had the opportunity to order samples and the feedback has been remarkable. 


  • Silicone and Wax Free
  • Versatile and Suitable for all workshop conditions
  • Highly Affordable
  • Guaranteed Efficiency
  • Non-Scratch Properties.
  • High Gloss Finish

Retaining Value with Latico

Different markets have different perceptions when it comes to the price and quality relationship dynamics. LATICO has been developed to break the uncertainty that comes with the decision of choosing a brand that provides ‘value for your money.’ With its whole new identity, Latico, through innovation provides superior quality with highly competitive prices. The Latico products profile covers the whole range of car refinish products, wood finishes and decorative paints. 

Latico 5200 Polyester Putty is a general-purpose putty based on polyester resins. It provides the best foundation for all Latico paint systems through its invariable properties that include easy application and easy sanding.

Integration of a substrate and the basecoat or topcoat requires a high performing Filler. Latico 5450 VOC compliant 2K filler answers to that calling. Its exceptional properties include easy applicability, very good levelling and sanding.

Laticocryll 5700 is a line of 2K acrylic toners designed and modified for adaptability in any climatic conditions. It delivers a high gloss and durable finish when used with Latico Hardeners 5600 (normal), 5610 (fast), 5620 (slow)and Latico Thinners 5550 (Normal) and 5560 (slow).

Latico Basecoat 5770 Toners and 5790 Ready Mixed Basecoat

Laticobase 5770 is a line of solid, metallic and pearlescent basecoat toners specially formulated for custom made colours following customer preferences and requirements. When used with Latico 2K Clearcoats 5770 basecoat colours give a durable and high gloss finish. The 5790 Ready Mixed basecoats are a line of solid, metallic and pearlescent basecoat paints with a mixing ratio of 1:1 with Latico 5550 or 5560 thinners.

Latico 5990 2K Acrylic Clearcoat is suitable for application over Latico basecoats. It delivers a guaranteed high gloss and scratch resistant finish. Latico 5900 has a mixing ratio of (100:50:30) when used with Latico hardeners and Latico thinners.

All Kapci Coatings products are now available at Royal Car Paints, Cape Town, South Africa – and you can contact them on +27 (0)72 537 6123 or