BMW April 2022

Luxuriously styled and designed ultra-warm styled hoodies. Choose your favourite international branded top, from the selection of colours, available in every size.

Soft Shell unisex jackets offer a unique neck protection feature for warmth, zip-up, side pockets, with removable polo fleeces, cool fold away hoody, super tough strong zips for the wind and rain and heavy-duty stitching. There are hook, and loop flaps to cover the front zips and cuffs to keep in the warmth, ideal for the coldest conditions. They have a removable jersey like fleece for comfort which can be worn together for ultra-warmth or separately for the cooler conditions.  All are available in a range of popular colours and sizes.

All jackets and tops are available in a range of popular sizes and colours and selected branding. To view the full range and sizes go to, or directly to Alternatively you can call them on +27 (0)11 314 7711.