BMW April 2022

Keeping the i10 story on song is no easy feat in a crowded line up in the entry level car market. In contrast to many others in pandemic mode, Hyundai are currently enduring, the company in South Africa continue to buck the trend with an increased market share of 2.1%. They are motoring along globally to occupy fifth spot. Hyundai are driven by a continuous push on model development that offer quality vehicles with extended warranties in place.

Hyundai have sold over 50 000 i10’s since its introduction in 2014 and with the one model plant in Chennai, India producing over one million units. The new i10 has been re-engineered from start to finish with a redesigned exterior plus a new stylish interior for driver comfort and ease of use. With a host of offerings on offer the i10 motion motor features a unique three-cylinder engine while the up-specification Fluid shows a higher specification version.

Like many small cars it’s upsized a fraction with a boost of 40mm extra length along with a more stylish Hyundai family face. The new grille now has DRL lights built into its new face. All this is coupled to a better all-round driver experience  – helped by a slimmer new C pillar. It comes in seven colour derivatives including a black roof option – in red or white.

Not to be left out, the interiors have been tweaked a bit with upmarket red stitched mock leather and bucket-type front seats on Fluid models. State-of-the-art touch screens deliver Apple Infotainment and android car play options. The driver experience on the road sees the Grand i10 a comfortable place to be with its larger seats, side bolsters and a practical 60/40 split on the rear bench seat.

Plus, points on keyless entry as well as a host of safety built in equipment, ABS, EBD and Rear Park Assist control all add up to fair value when viewed against its rivals.

Hyundai have introduced two main engine derivatives 1.2 litre and 1.0 litre. The latter has a 3 cylinder motor where the others are 4-cylnder units that range in power from 49kW up to 61kW. A smooth five-speed gearbox moves the lightweight 935kg body up to speed very nicely.

Prices start at R191 900 for the model range and go up to the Grand i10 Motion MT, 1,2c Fluid AT at R256 900.  Consumers who grumble about the cost of cars need to remember approximately half the new car costs are down to government taxes charged, which is outrageous, to say the least.