BMW April 2022

The top-flight Axalta Coating Systems range of Nason has hit the South African market and will be distributed on a national level by A and M Abrasives who have headquarters in Westgate, Johannesburg. 

Company director Moosa Ally is upbeat about the company’s sole distribution of the top technology brand. “We have a very solid foundation from which we want to develop our self-owned operation, as well as a large proportion of our loyal 100-plus independent refinish dealerships right across the country. 

“The system is very competitively priced and was formulated with ease-of-use in mind. Our customers are also able to rely on superb colouristics of all local and international developed formulas for fast and accurate colour-matching for the paint shop,” said Moosa. “This is where having a system that comes from the pedigree of one of the largest paint companies in the world really helps. 

Company founder, Nizam Ally is confident that the Ful-Base, Ful-Thane and select clear paint systems will really deliver the goods. This is what any refinish distributor could ever wish for in a day-to-day chosen paint system in their paint shop. 

“Perhaps the best feature is that we will be able to use and call upon technicians for any assistance as we roll out the new Nason brand to our network of distributors,” said Nizam. “The assistance of the world’s leading global manufacturers, who have many years of market activity and successful experience in South Africa, has resulted in better technical support and training for improved colour-matching. 

“Even as an over-the-counter option, Nason still have a no-reject mindset producing their range with a philosophy to do every job just once.

The system comes with the state-of-the-art colour mixing and formula retrieval software that can expertly colour match 110 000 colour formula’s using a spectrometer and scanner called the Colours Navigator. This helps achieve colour-matching quickly and effortlessly. 

Sales leader for Axalta Coating Systems, Lucian Jantjies continued: “The Nason expertise in colours is brilliant to work with. It’s an ideal colour tool to effect an amazing efficiency level for any customer.”

Country business manager at Axalta Coating Systems, Hannes Kloppers, is confident that with the brand’s competitive pricing and efficiency levels coupled with an expert approach from A and M Abrasives, that the venture is set to fly. 

You can get more information on distribution opportunities or the full Nason refinish system by calling A and M Abrasives on +27 (0)11 834 1252.