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The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) and NAAMSA who handle our national OEM vehicle manufacturers, recently held a breakfast conference to examine the future road ahead which will have a dramatic effect on the way that insurers are able to manage risk in the motor premium business. Mark Eybers threw down the first batch of slides showing a host of assistance systems now being installed into the latest generation of new vehicles which are complex computer applications throughout the car design with multiple control units. The well attended conference then heard from Alan Bond on the new technologies being incorporated into electric vehicles with DC Fast charge and Home Box, where in some cases, 80% of charge is restarted in some 30 minutes on the latest BMW models.

Andries Bekker went on to outline a new value proposition on vehicle damage estimators in a VDQ initiative with Theo van Schalkwyk from Santam. They have been hard at work to establish a professional body to introduce an official VDQ qualification standard as well as a grading standard for out of warranty vehicles. Santam’s flamboyant Gerhard Genis then presented his paper on big data change, the internet of things,  storage and access matters and the way that the autonomous vehicles will change the way in the industry as we know it today.

Zenele Gigaba from SAIA then went on with the focused attempt to introduce agreed standards for grading of motor body work at different levels and the development of a new database of certified motor body repair centres which would be based on a list of pre-imminent auto refinishers within South Africa. The NF apprentices gave a short presentation on what previously disadvantaged panelbeaters wanted to achieve going forward. Iris Moore talked about a day in the life of an SME black owned motor body repair.

Displays outside from various OEM’s showed the complexity of new BMW electric vehicles and other innovative design trends of Alfa and Chrysler vehicles for the future.