BMW April 2022

It’s taken over 27 years for Nico Higgs, the Director of Modern Collision Repair Centre in Secunda to get his company right to the top echelon of the collision repair trade in South Africa. This is the fulfilment in the constant belief that this team-run body shop could become a world class repair centre, and this is exactly what has been achieved.
The continued reinvestment of profits to buy ever more efficient production equipment has been the overall driving force and it is hard to believe that the company started out with only a handful of skilled artisans. Nico says that by 1996 he had already gained VW approval and by upping the body shop’s quality output, they achieved full approval for standard collision repairs with a further 40 manufacturer approvals.
The “repair-right-first-time” philosophy at Modern Collision Repair Centre have has seen them earn top position over the years in the Lightstone surveys. The overall statement of any customer repair will alwayssay that they received great service. It is why they were rated the ‘Most likely to provide a quality repair’ in South Africa out of 700 surveyed recently.
The state-of-the-art panel shop houses energy saving spraybooth systems along with dedicated downdraft and preparation areas. Attention to detail on quality is a theme that resonates throughout the production area. The pair of huge bench racks are great for universal chassis damage repair, of which they get a lot of in their area. They have recently acquired the elite Audi aluminium structural approval and they are the only authorised repairer for this in the Mpumalanga region. They also collect client’s cars from as far as Pretoria, Johannesburg and Ladysmith. Modern Collision Repair Centre have a team of experts who keep their eye on operations in the day to day running of the body shop. The company now employ around 50 staff to keep pace with the 25-30 cars on average output per week in normal trading conditions.
In keeping with the use of flagship brands like, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen, the company colouristics and refinish department uses the latest waterborne Standoblue waterborne refinish. By watching every single area of business activity, the company seems to hum along each day by using special storage and packaging areas along with cleaning and polishing sections near the final assembly area. Modern Collision Repair Centre operate a flow line of production which eliminates the need for damaged vehicles to be constantly pushed around.
Their insurance clerks enjoy in-house specialist operations for faster turnaround times. The company operate with a full BEE level 4 rating and will always be a proud member of the Collision Repair Association, Nico concluded.