Spies Hecker

With the huge increase in both Lidar and CMOS radar incorporated in new model car technology, the problem of post vehicle camera positioning alignment has become a major headache for many body shops to overcome without resorting to a costly trip to the local vehicle agent to do the repair.

Highveld Garage Equipment and Tool Specialist, Wayne Maclean, has come up with a unique mobile vehicle which is fully equipped with all the latest realignment technologies for such difficult problems such as readjusting lane departure warnings. Their unit operates with ultra-close measurement technology, so it operates well in very confined spaces. All that is needed is a flat surface and once the wheels are clamped, the targets can be positioned in just a few minutes with the use of a hand-held mobile Connex laptop computer. All an operator has to do is enter the right and left distance indicator and the laser meter for both left- and right wheels will do the rest for the module vehicle being tested for restoration to factory set standards.

“The visible target for accurate measurements is easy to calibrate and eliminates all fault codes using the stationary vehicle with a target method of repair. The system carries in excess of 25 motor maker’s approvals and in general terms, a cars camera system often takes an average of one hour to complete,” says Maclean. “The set-up time is generally completed in a matter of just a few minutes, call out rates for rectification average at around a basic fault code cost of R2000 per vehicle for rectification purposes,” continued Maclean.

A full mobile franchise offer on the ADAS diagnostic equipment package is available from Highveld Garage Equipment and you can call Andre Froneman on 083 879 2015 for more information or Arthur van Rensburg in Pretoria on 083 449 3456. It is planned to roll out the mobile ADAS franchise across the country this year – but initially the service will be operational in Gauteng, reckons Van Rensburg. The cost of a fully equipped mobile equipment unit will be in the region of R400 000 say the company.