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Mipa P 85 is a bright-white 2-component finishing putty that is easy to sand. It is made of polyester resins and is for use on iron, steel, aluminium, zinc and glass fibre reinforced compounds. Because of its fine structure and excellent covering power Mipa P 85 is suited as a top and finishing putty for very thin coats or as a top layer above polyester

filling putties. This will help close possible pinholes, tiny irregularities, small paint damage or scratches on the car body. You can also use it on vertical substrates without problems.

For more information please contact Tony’s Colours on                +27 (0)11 493-9030/1 or alternatively Andre on +27(0)72 149 3443 or Deon on +27 (0)72 340 3270.

Vican Manufacturing are also available on +27 (0)11 493 8709/2578.