BMW April 2022

If you have been in the collision repair business for a while the chances are that at some time Gary Olivier has crossed your path. Gary has spent decades in the body repair trade selling and backing-up highquality abrasives and specialist repair systems for the automotive industry. 

His new task will be to develop a marketplace for the Menzerna premium polishing compounds. Fast processes and the sparing use of materials ensure economic efficiency. That is exactly what the Menzerna high-performance automotive polishes offer. But now, says Gary, “We are out to launch the full range of Menzerna polishes to the Refinish Industry”.  

“The latest Menzerna polishing technologies ensure protection and lasting value. We have the right automotive polish for all clear coat applications. Tailored to the needs of industry and trades”, reckons Gary. 

Systematic polishing processes guarantee brilliant results in record time. Without silicones and fillers. That is why Menzerna professional automotive polishes are valued and extensively applied by professional users.  

About Ultimate Auto Detailing Supplies: 

They are suppliers of quality detail products to the Industrial and Refinish market segments. The products available from Ultimate Auto Detailing Supplies include polishing systems, abrasive systems, masking systems, adhesive, sealer, coating systems. They have the option to supply tools and accessories used for application purposes and include capital equipment such as air compressors found in our industry. 

You can call Ultimate Auto Detailing Supplies on +27 (0)83 379 4453 or e-mail for more information. Alternative: