BMW April 2022

Graffiti artist Kyle Bryce Monteiro, who goes by the name “KBMER” amazed everyone with his custom paint job for a Nissan 350Z, adding an entirely different dimension to the sports car’s appearance with its comic book-style look. Clearly, the positive reception to the 350Z inspired KBMER to create another piece of automotive art, this time for his own Mazda MX-5 Miata. 

Once again using a combination of Montana Cans spray paint and markers, the Miata looks just as impressive as the 350Z before it, so much so that the two were captured together in an epic 1;1 scale drifting scene. Prior to the green paint job, the Miata was clad in a totally different blue/black design. 

Like the 350Z, the MX-5 tricks the eye and almost appears to be moving even when it isn’t. Moneiro’s one doesn’t appear to be stock, as it’s sitting on a lowered suspension and sports larger wheels than the standard version. It also has some underbody purple lighting and this particular derivative is the convertible with the fabric roof. 

According to the artist, the 350Z took only a few hours to create, so the MX-5’s transformation was likely completed just as quickly. While street artists have had their way with some exotics before, like the once off McLaren 720s, Monteiro’s imaginative work is on another level. We are hoping to see some of his designs applied to so of the great Japanese sports cars like the Mazda RX-7 and the Acura NSX from the 90’s. 

KBMER credits Animauto on Instagram for the inspiration behind the MX-5. The Instagram page showcases the “Japanimisation of 1/24 scale plastic model kits with some awesome examples including the Subaru WRX STI and the fourth generation of the Toyota Supra. 

Monteiro’s Miata is based on the second-gen model, which remained in production until 2005. With its classic, fuss free lines, it’s a perfect starting point for the artist’s intriguing Japanese Manga animation style.