BMW April 2022

It’s been another successful year for Mazda Southern Africa, having established an all-new concept that includes over 400 authorised repair body shops. Trevor Ward, head of customer service for Mazda Southern Africa, is upbeat about their overall collision repair sales of genuine parts and says that the company have seen absolutely minimum customer complaints since they have introduced the approval repair programme.

With service level suppliers for aftermarket dispute resolution which uses process partnership deals from the CRA and the RMI, the national footprint for their repair networks have moved to supply superb brand back-up for Mazda drivers involved in a collision situation.

The move to organise trade bodies as service level agreement partners has also been incredibly successful as they always get involved in customer disputes, resolution disagreements and complaints in a successful manner.

Mazda have just introduced their own insurance brand in an initiative to avoid cases of early write-off levels as some insurers don’t seem to care about the brand once it’s been in an accident. “One statistic for motor makers that comes out very poorly in our studies is that if a client is involved in a write-off situation, over 9% of those drivers never buy the same brand of car again. In an industry where we are always striving for high aftermarket customer care, taking out our own insurance brand to protect the Mazda driver from some questionable write-offs has to be seen as a move to keep Mazda drivers on the road and driving a Mazda vehicle,” said Ward.

The drive by the company to employ Mazda original parts in collision repair has also been a successful venture along with their “Save-a-Car” initiative for marginal vehicle write-offs that occur.

The push this year will also be to offer older car original parts at value prices.  “If you take a look on the local roads, there are still many Etudes, Mazda Rustlers and many more pre-2012 models being driven. At Mazda, we want to keep them rolling through our dealers with competitive pricing initiatives on out-of-warranty vehicles.”

Mazda also introduced some exotic new colour shades like the top selling Soul Red Crystal which simply put, outsold all other vehicle maker’s red colours by a country mile. Along with the red are new iridescent shades like Machine Grey.

“We have to keep master colour samples at head office. We have also entered into a national ‘train-the-trainer’ plan with BASF Coatings which is also working well. Training at their own special application centres on Mazda’s way to do exact touch-up rectification right the first time, helps to keep our customers happy.

“Mazda employs six major paint supply companies for OEM manufacture plants based in Japan, Thailand and Mexico. Our job at Mazda Southern Africa in the aftermarket activities is just a simple one – keep all of our customers happy throughout the warranty lifetime guarantee as well as after that,” concluded Ward.