BMW April 2022

Octoral’s advanced refinishing solutions have been supplemented by a powerful Disorient Additive, which extends the range of Octobase Eco Plus and Octobase System toners. This innovation makes OEM metallic and pearlescent effects easier to match, while making the refinishing process more efficient, and your business more profitable. 

Advanced technology 

Octoral Disorient Additive has been formulated to create the perfect orientation and angle variation of the reflective particles. This innovative technology produces a high-quality result that replicates the finish achieved through OEM electrostatic spraying. 

Concentrated power 

With double the efficiency of Octoral Flop Additive, only half as much Octoral Disorient Additive is needed to produce the required effect. The more concentrated Disorient Additive means the paint mix is less transparent, which also increases hiding power. The result is faster refinishing and less material consumption, resulting in significant efficiencies throughout the process.  

Optimal colour matching 

This technologically advanced Octoral Disorient Additive expands Octoral’s already impressive and innovative refinishing system. Precise matching of colour and effect is now possible over an even wider range of specialist colours, ensuring total customer satisfaction every time. 

OEM compatibility 

Octoral Disorient Additive offers the ideal solution for the majority of effect colours from a variety of vehicle manufacturers, including: BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Ford USA, General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Volkswagen. 

How to select Octoral Disorient additive COINS 

Octoral’s innovative COINS software has been updated to include the new Disorient Additive. Please ensure you are using version 15.0 or later. 

COINS will default to the existing Octoral Flop Additive, so please follow the instructions carefully to access the formulas containing the new Octoral Disorient Additive and set this product as the default value. It is also possible to return to the existing product formula, if required. 

With the addition of Disorient Additive to the Octoral system, you can now match metallic and pearlescent effects seamlessly and efficiently. To find out more information please contact your local Octoral representative.