BMW April 2022

Tow operators take to the streets against insurers and Call Centres to increase tow rates nationally. A statement from Satra on #TowRatesMustRise reads as follows: The banner #TowRatesMustRise recently brought a legally constituted motorcade of hundreds of aggrieved Association tow truck operators supported by a sprinkling of non-aligned towers in their tow trucks and escorted by members of the SAPS and JMPD, onto the streets of Midrand and Sandton, Gauteng to vent their frustrations against and deliver petitions to the Automobile Association (AA), Discovery Insurance (DI) and Digicall calling on them to immediately stop ignoring the Associations’ appeals  to desist from their ongoing and abusive harmful pricing and trading practices and enter into meaningful negotiations with the collective to address  grievances.

The event convened and hosted by seasoned campaigners, the SA Towing Recovery Association (SATRA) and new entrants, the National African Towing Association (NATA) supported by their non-aligned towing brethren and elements of the United Towing Association, has so far brought some early and meaningful success with Discovery Insurance who after negotiation with the Alliance partners adjusted some of their 2019 rates upwards, taking particular cognisance of R12.15/km running costs for four ton Rollback Recovery trucks. Salute Discovery Insurance you are recognised.

“Unfortunately the AA, as expected, are doggedly hanging onto their decade long abusive and harmful pricing and trading practises, whilst Digicall have made token offers which still don’t go far enough to right their historical wrongs which we will no longer tolerate” says SATRA veteran Chairman Andre van der Merwe and going on to add….

“We are not stopping here and as soon as we are done dealing with price cutters within, we will continue vigorously prosecuting and upping the ante of our Alliance campaign #TowingRatesMustRise against all abusers and oppressors within the ranks of Insurers, Call Centres and all other guilty Industry Stakeholders to ensure  #TowRatesWillRise

“Thank you Discovery Insurance. Some of your rates now rank amongst the best. As for the rest, which is by no means all, who persist in suppressing industry rates and forcing down harmful trading conditions on towers, we put you on terms. We the ALLIANCE are coming!”

“By hook or by crook….. Commercial terms and trading conditions will improve for the Towing Industry in 2019!” concluded Andre.