The recognition of doing a job well doesn’t always feel like it can reap rewards in the hustle and bustle of body shop supply life. However, the Marouns Vereeniging branch is the exception to the rule.

Company manager Grant Walter, backs-up the popularity of the business with 30 years of local market experience. Grant, who prides himself on being a peoples’ person, holds his tight knit staff complement close to his heart. “The secret of our success is an ability to keep our long standing customers happy in such a competitive market,” he says.

Maroun’s Vereeniging says that their key to excellent customer service has always revolved around rapid delivery and outstanding technical support, both to automotive and their large industrial client base.

“We have been able to stay out front with our coatings range of Standox when it comes to upgrading body shops. It also delivers well in performance and increases our customer’s bottom lines. KansaiPlascon also have a huge range of industrial epoxy and fire resistant formulas in their range which has helped meet some very stringent criteria for our industrial manufacturing clients.”

Kevin Pearson is in charge of the selling side at the Maroun’s Vereeniging branch. Along with Alex Smith, parts manager, he is helped by four technical representatives.

“The parts side of the operation just keeps on growing,” says Walter, “but you always need to keep up with new trends on local and imported models on our roads. An army of 12 delivery vehicles keep the orders rolling out to the far flung areas that the Vereeniging branch services. We cover the areas from Bethlehem in the Free State, central Vaal, Sasolburg to the Northwest, where our customers demand rapid service and order delivery.”

On the subject of growth, Grant remains positive. “You have to keep on tweaking the company operation and performance, but staff wise we have a commendable team spirit that gets the job done well at all levels and that is why we are top group performers – an achievement we are all very proud of. We aspire to continue maintaining this “can do” attitude and achieving the best for each customer going forward,” he concluded.