BMW April 2022

Marouns is to reintroduce the top value and performance brand Mobihel Helios range which is an international refinish systems supplier and is part of the Kansai Plascon global company of car paint manufacturers this year through their national eight-branch operations.

Salim Ally Buckus, CEO is upbeat about the Helios refinish brand. “If you look at their international footprint of solid export sales, expansion is impressive, for they have a full range of services, colour retrieval and machine colour mixing equipment to compete on a global market basis.

“The growth potential in the South African market of body shop repair with around only 20% of motorists being insured to be on the road is in a position of pure competition as we all fight to maintain our market share in a set of tough market conditions. However, as Marouns, we are now embarking on a programme to be able to compete in the DIY market and truck and bus areas of activity. With a well-priced range from Mobihel who are a member of our group and the imported range is manufactured in Slovenia by Helios, in their range of new and upcoming refinish brands on offer.

It’s a premium refinish space product with their Colomix and Mobihel SMART products. They set out to become a loyal and trusted partner to all spray painters. Colomix, which will be offered across South Africa has a full range of solvent based 2K and base and binder mixing formulas to cover all process and repair steps to satisfy different requirements. Besides the product speciality, Mobihel strive to keep their colour matching back up at the very top level of accuracy and activity. They also offer a full Train-the-Trainer programme to keep competency of their spray painters and trade sales staff at the very top levels.

With close to 70 000 colour formulations now available, Mobihel can mix with the very best as a brand. It has all the help and enthusiasm any brand can ever need say the Marouns staff who distribute Kansai Plascon Group of refinish products.

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