BMW April 2022

In a watershed deal Kansai Plascon have sold off their interest in the Marouns
Group to a new management team marking the company’s return to independent
operational status.The new company, which is fully BEE compliant, will trade under the name Intercity SA.

CEO of Intercity SA, Salim Ally Buckus, says that the new management team
brings to the company a market focused approach to take on the changing
landscape of the collision repair market industry. “I’m excited about the venture and
look forward to developing greater efficiencies and increasing our market share.”
says Ally Buckus.

The new directors are Salim Ally Buckus (CEO), Noel van der Berg (CFO), Jason
Jurams (commercial director), Azeez Choonara (sales director), and Grant Walter
(technical director) who, between them, have over 100 collective years of successful
engagement in the aftermarket trade operation within South Africa.

Prejay Lalla, CEO of Kansai Plascon, headed up the signing ceremony saying that
the company was embarking on a new era of management and would undoubtedly
be able to become much more agile with a management team equipped and able to
react faster to ever changing market dynamics, as a result of the pandemic.

He said, “The lockdown in South Africa this year hasn’t made it easy for any business, but
thankfully the market has improved in the third quarter of this year.”
The acquisition was facilitated by Ahmed Amla, Chartered Accountant and partner
at AE Consulting, together with Fathima Lockhat, Attorney and partner at Shaukat
Karim and Company.

The new company will be launching with great offers and some exciting new
products and brands that will enhance and complement the Kansai Plascon brand.
Some of the brands that customers can look forward to are Standox from Axalta,
MasterMix and Acryline from Kansai Plascon, along with the company’s newly
introduced brands Mobihel and Colomix. The company will also continue with their
exclusive imported ranges, Dinatrol, Indasa Abrasives, SAIMA Spray Booths and
Cartar Vehicle Lifting Solutions.

The company intends growing their “one-stop shop” philosophy that their loyal
customers have come to expect from them.
When asked about one of the new brands, Mobihel, Azeez said: “Our initial launch
of the Mobihel refinish system is complete with state-of-the-art colouristics and offers
ease of use in any paint shop. This, we feel, in a new era where the market is
looking increasingly at value pricing plus a top level of overall finished paint job, will
put our new Mobihel and Colomix brands at the top of the choice list right now.”

The company’s technical director, Grant Walter is confident that with their solid
team of trade supply experts on board and over 200 employees who are committed
to making the group successful, the new Intercity SA brand will become a driving
force in the industry.

“As with all important business decisions, we intend working closely with all our
suppliers, clients, partners and employees to make the process as smooth as

The takeover has commenced and was finalised at the beginning of
November 2020. In the meantime, all our customers will continue to receive the
same high quality service and products which they have come to expect.” concluded,

Currently there are eight Intercity SA stores, located in Johannesburg, Benoni,
Midrand, Pretoria, Vereeniging, Bloemfontein, Durban and Cape Town.