BMW April 2022

In the ever-changing world of car repair, supplies tend to come and go as competition changes these days almost overnight in the South African collision repair business. However, occasionally some young aspiring guys come along and buck that trend and that’s what the brothers Tony and Roy Marsberg have accomplished.

Tony, who has a banking background, has the role of the frontline director while Roy keeps tabs on the daily office and shop routines at MAB Autobody. “We have had a policy right from the start that says we only want to be involved in selling top repair brands and right now, with ever fewer motorists carrying insurance, the retail shop is busy taking care of the mainly uninsured market,”says Tony. 

One look at the company website shows a delivery pattern that covers vast areas of the Free State, Gauteng and other outlying trade body shops as MAB Autobody move a large amount of repair panels and lamps to their clients. The team at MAB Autobody have developed an express delivery service on panel and paint as well.


The company have moved to the Carvello brand of refinish for their non-approved body shop clientele. Tony says that it’s the right product for the times with an exceptional performance to cost ratio across their product range. They have seen many systems come and go but Carvello has become a brand of choice for them and their customers because of the colour retrieval and colour identification.


MAB Autobody also stocks a full range of abrasives, polishes, equipment and quality products needed in the refinish industry. MAB also services the industrial paint market with paint and all the relevant products and are launching a new and exciting range in 2020, something to look forward to. 

The company operate a frontline team of technical experts to keep the business in good shape from their Hofmeyer Street, Vereeniging premises.

Perhaps it’s their great commitment to customer satisfaction and a company motto that states: “We won’t let you down” that’s been a major contribution to the MAB Autobody success down the years.