BMW April 2022

Story & pics by Jay Groat

The global success LLumar has enjoyed over the last decade is largely due to the top quality of their products and their ease of application, all of which help to protect vehicles and make sure they look their best. Automotive Refinisher recently met with the LLumar team at their training centre to get to know a little more about them, as well as their two-day advanced training session on Paint Protective Film (PPF).

Training took place in the company’s impressive training centre, based at LLumar’s head offices in Marlboro Road, Sandton. UK trainer Eugene Voigt, responsible for training in Russia and the EMEA Region (Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa), updated installers from LLumar Fitment

Centres across the country on the latest international trends and techniques of installing the popular polyurethane based paint protection film.The first day’s training commenced with a welcome and introduction by LLumar South Africa’s General Manager, Steven Lurie who said: ”We believe that our local PPF Fitment Centre network together with our training facilities in South Africa are amongst the best in the world. Thanks to the constant support and product training they receive, our local network delivers nothing less than a world class finish.”

LLumar’s UK based Paul Rockey, sales manager for EMEA (Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa) then presented to local dealers and installers on how the PPF manufacturer, Eastman Performance Films, recently added a multi-million dollar urethane extrusion facility to its Martinsville, Virginia manufacturing site. Paul explained that by commissioning this expansion, Eastman are able to produce all the components of PPF “in-house” – adhesive, urethane and topcoat. This means complete control over the process that contributes to superior quality. With increasing growth expected this year, the plant is now geared up to meet this growing global demand. Rockey continued, “With remarkable new car sales growth in China, and demand developing in newer markets such as Russia, the company is seeing tremendous exponential growth in the Paint Protection Film market.”

New tools, application techniques and trouble-shooting all formed part of the two-day experience, with installers enjoying a sneak peek into some new products LLumar is currently developing for its customers. These are certainly also destined to become future top sellers for the film giant.