BMW April 2022

Lightstone Auto, which provides data-driven insight, online market intelligence, and new vehicle sales data to the South African motor industry will, from November 2021, compile and distribute the Kinsey Report following the death of report founder Malcolm Kinsey.

 The Kinsey Report, first generated in 1990, provided both the general consumer and logistics managers a tool to guarantee that they receive industry competitive prices on commonly replaced automotive parts.

 Kinsey, a long-time member of the SA Guild Motoring Journalists, initially created the report to bolster his write-ups on vehicles that were nominated for the SA Guild of Motoring Journalists Car of the Year. Though initially peripheral, these reports have become an integral part of the South African motor industry.

 On the 21st of January 2021, the industry was shaken by Kinsey’s passing due to Covid-19 related illnesses. Charleen Clarke – Charmont Media Global (SAGMJ Fellow) reflects on his life and work: “Malcolm’s contribution to our industry was immense. He will forever be remembered for his innovative and ground-breaking Kinsey Report, which has become essential reading in our industry.”

 Managing Director of Lightstone Auto, Pieter Wessels, said the quality and independence of the report is important for the preservation and continuation of the important legacy that Malcolm Kinsey built. “We will remain committed to providing an independent view of the market with research made available to the automotive industry and the general public.” 

 In 1998 the Kinsey report was expanded to include servicing and general running costs, a testament to Kinsey’s commitment to authentic, accurate, and usable data. “It is in this spirit of continuous improvement to consumer service that Lightstone will, in future, include a broadened scope in the report that includes additions of multiple data points.” says Wessels.