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TEROSON PU 9500 FOAM is a ready-to-use, expanding cavity-filling and sound-deadening foam supplied in an aerosol can.

Due to its extended skin-formation time, foaming can be interrupted briefly for up to five minutes during application and then resumed. The foam cures without the need of moisture and is thus suitable for filling cavities. The cured foam does not subsequently swell or shrink

TTEROSON PU 9500 FOAM is particularly suitable for filling and sealing cavities such as those of A-, B- and C-pillars, door sills or frame components in general. Because of its extended skin-formation time, it can be used for bonding and sealing several components, e.g. customising.

The product is employed above all in small-series production and in the repair and servicing sector (vehicle repair and maintenance sector).


TEROSON PLASTIC REPAIR KIT includes a set of products that are necessary for basic repair tasks on paintable interior and exterior plastic parts. The products are particularly used for minor damage such as scratches or holes in bumpers, spoilers, aprons, etc.

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