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KOVAX is an expert in the field of damage repair. Whether it concerns cars, motorcycles, trucks or aeroplanes, they have a product range to highly uniform sanding results in just a few steps. They have been involved with damage repair companies and as such they have gained valuable knowledge about the different sanding processes that are used within the industry.

They offer a high quality of products that will help reduce your costs in your body shop. You will be able to achieve the result you want in a short space of time which will also have a knock-on effect of reduced working hours. KOVAX have a large range that will go a long way to prevent any re-spraying and time wasted.

The KOVAX Corporation is a supplier of quality abrasives and it has its roots in Tokyo, Japan. It operates on a global basis with an 85-year history. The company’s knowledge and production expertise has produced some of the world’s leading automotive and industrial solutions for high productivity.

KOVAX can deliver products by manufacturing with some of the world’s most modern factories across their supply chain, and thanks to years of research and development, Kovax products have been able to successfully supply the OEM automotive industry. They have also found their way into wood manufacture and other types of industrial production too.

KOVAX are key suppliers to over 40 countries with a full range of easy,  quick and safe innovative products which work seamlessly together to always achieve the best result.

Kanye Vimba are pleased to announce that the company will distribute this top Japanese brand into the Southern African market from April this year. If you want to always stay ahead, call them for more on the Kovax sanding solutions on               +27 (0)11 396 1161 or visit