BMW April 2022

DataDot have been microdotting vehicles in South Africa for almost two decades, having microdotted more than four million vehicles. Few people know, however, that DataDot offers more than only a vehicle marking solution but in fact a range of products and systems that are all designed to aid in the prevention of assets being stolen or getting lost.

One of these innovative solutions is the Oyster, a cellular tracking device that will complement the microdot range of products and allow owners to not only identify and authenticate their products, but also to locate them.

Designed for use on assets such as containers, trailers, skip bins and houseboats – to name just a few – the Oyster tracking device is compact, rugged, UV stable and immune to extreme weather conditions. In fact, the Oyster can operate in temperatures between -20°C and +60°C. It will even operate in temperatures outside this range, but battery life will be reduced.

One of the key features of the Oyster is its ability to operate in ultra-low power modes. This means that you get an incredible battery life of up to four years from off-the-shelf AA 1.5V Lithium batteries.

Other features worth mentioning include locate and track modes, a low battery alert, unauthorised movement alert and an integrated three-axis accelerometer. The latter allows the Oyster to go to sleep but wake up when movement occurs.

Weighing only 250 grams (with batteries), the Oyster is small and compact, and its low profile makes it easy to conceal, even in the corrugation of a container. And because installing it is a very simple process, the Oyster can easily be moved from one asset to another.

The Oyster can be purchased directly from DataDot Technology SA and comes fully set up and operational, with a micro SIM and batteries already installed. The unit price is R1 250 (excluding VAT). There is a monthly subscription fee of R99 (excluding VAT) that runs for a 24-month period and allows owners to access the DataDot portal required to manage their assets.

The Oyster can operate on 2G or 3G cellular networks and works seamlessly with the Telematics Guru software platform – a fully featured, customisable front-end telematics and tracking software system. It is both intuitive and easy to use and boasts a unique Asset Timeline feature that allows events, alerts and activities to be recorded and displayed on the timeline for an immediate visual overview of an asset’s activities, right there on your mobile phone or device. A more comprehensive DataDot Portal is also available for download.

What this means for owners is that they can see all their assets, all the time and in real time.

As many as 20 000 records can be stored in the Oyster’s memory so it is easy to keep track of and call up a daily snapshot of the asset’s movements. And you can easily switch from locate to tracking mode if you suspect that your asset is being moved without your permission. In fact, there are a variety of alerts available through the alert wizard, so you can easily customise them to suit your taste and needs.

And to make ownership even more hassle-free, service schedules can be set up based on run hours or a timeframe so that you can keep track of and be reminded of upcoming service intervals.

Additional information is available on Alternatively contact Oliver Gracio, Sales Manager – Telematics and Assets at DataDot Technology South Africa (Pty) Ltd on +27 (0)11  849 8512.