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Introduced early in 2017 the all new spectrophotometer colour retrieval tool has assisted the Egyptian refinish manufacturer to gain market acceptance in over 65 countries across the world. Khaled Sorour, export manager Kapci Coatings says: “Our expansion into the Indian and to Russian markets has gained support at body shop levels to further increase business for Kapci Coatings. This has been an amazing year of expansion for the refinish brand.”

The new spectrophotometer is quite unique, using lightwaves to take a fingerprint of the colour to be matched, using three viewing angles. This latest X-Rite technology brings a new level of colour matching capability, accurately and speedily generating a final colour formula. After the KapciBlink has given the user a checkmark, it’s a simple task to connect the mobile device up to your laptop and gain the right colour mix software formula.

The all new ColourMix package was developed to work with the KapciBlink in Dima waterborne paint systems, as well as 2K solvent based refinish. Along with this comes a mobile phone application called Smart Mix providing a convenience never before seen. It performs perfectly with both android or IOS phones and all at no extra cost. With over 50 staff employed in just colour research alone, Kapci Coatings are very serious about formula retrieval and accurate colours.

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