BMW April 2022

In light of changes in technology and the drive to bolster environmental credentials of its clients, Kapci Coatings has added five Low VOC compliant products to its family of environmentally friendly products. The new products help reduce the concentration of contaminants in the ozone layer as well as in ground water.

Whilst Kapci continues to develop Low VOC compliant products, the products continue to be a cut above the rest in terms of quality and performance.

Benefits of using Kapci Low VOC products

  1. Kapci Low VOC products are clean for the environment. Kapci Low VOC paints contain fewer toxins, which do not pollute the air as long as solvent-based toxins. These are less flammable and less hazardous, and will allow your coating process to meet clean air regulations.
  2. Kapci Low VOC paints are the healthier option for users. With fewer VOCs and toxins to breathe in during application, users enjoy much healthier conditions within their workshops. And since Low VOC coatings are less flammable and less hazardous overall, these paints make a safer environment free of workplace injuries and incidents.

Kapci Dima

Kapci has developed and launched Kapci Dima its flagship water-based coating system. Kapci Dima 9670 is a waterborne base coat mixing system for repainting of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Kapci Dima 9670 paints significantly reduce solvent-based emissions and comply with the 420g/l limit.

The mixing system offers comprehensive basecoat colour matching that includes metallic, pearlescent, solid colour basecoats and special effect finishes. The system has 70 basecoat toners developed to give a high-quality reducer-based colour mixes. Colour matching with Kapci Dima waterborne paints has been made efficient and 100% reliable through the use of KAPCIBLINK 5A.

Kapci Dima covers all European formulas up to 1990 models with an allowance of formulas to be filtered by manufacturer, year, colour name/description or colour code through the software. Besides its environmental benefits Kapci Dima only requires 30% Kapci Dima reducer in mixing which makes it cost effective and makes it easy on application.

The basecoats have a fast-drying effect and leave a very attractive design, texture and has excellent coverage.

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