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Mr Saleh AlAblask is another one of Kapci Coating’s success stories. He is the owner of this family operation in Dubai. Saleh is a key distributor of the brand to the whole of the Emirates and parts of Oman. His story is of how he grew the Egyptian automotive paint company to become the UAE market leader.

The company opened its doors in 2003 after Saleh saw an opportunity in the marketplace for a quality paint at an affordable price. With the market flooded by European brands, he realised it would be no easy feat to change the mindset in the industry to accept the quality of an Egyptian made product.

Speaking to Mr Saleh he said, ‘It was difficult to introduce a new non-European product to the marketplace, as no one had heard of  Kapci Coatings. We first strategised around building brand awareness within the repair market by opening up five branches in key areas creating a presence. We then began introducing the brand to local body shops and once they worked with the product and saw the quality of finish as well as the reduced cost for them to get the end result, they were very interested”. Once they had created a demand and converted over 60 shops to the Kapci system, Saleh withdrew from the marketplace. He knew he had now established Kapci Coatings and would do it better justice by servicing the brand in distribution and ensuring clients are cared for, thus creating even better demand in the long term.

He employs 32 staff and has over 200 clients. They provide 24/7 service with unlimited deliveries. With Kapci’s basecoat system, clearcoats and fillers still the most popular in his network, the only hiccup he experiences is the diversity of culture of his customers. Having English, Hindi, Phillipino and Arabian cultures, just to name a few, poses a unique challenge because of the diverse employees you need to employ in order to cater for clients.

Having all of that in place, his sales, marketing and technical teams get kept up to date on training thanks to Kapci Coating’s regular quarterly visits from their Cairo technicians.

Since Dubai is the poster child for the UAE, not a lot of repair work gets done on site due to property prices being exorbitant and shop space is extremely costly. The bulk of repair is done in a neighbouring industrial area called Sharjah, which is the biggest in the Middle East. With the majority of body shops in this area it makes life a little easier to focus your service, as it is not too scattered as it is here in South Africa, for instance.

Mr Saleh realises the reason for their market leadership is due to the quality of the product, the price and the service he provides to his customers. Finishing off the interview with him, he concluded; ‘’If you have the right product and back-up, as I have had from the manufacturer, mixed together with a hard working family, there is nothing that can stand in your way to achieve success!”