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Egypt’s premier auto refinish company Kapci Coatings are opening an all-new production centre in the prospering market of India. The concept production centre is the brainchild of company engineer Dr Waleed Helmy. The company’s US $200 million investment is projected to eventually employ some 400 production personnel when the first phase is completed later this year.

“What’s quite unique about this design,” says Helmy, “is that the new facility is based on international overall look and performance projections that will enable Kapci Coatings to replicate their technical developments to any important developing market, say for example, China. It’s all part of the development plan for overall business and investment in the future.”

It all happens from a greenfield site where location and local legal rules for chemical plant production and the plan build-up all have to be taken care of by Kapci Coatings staff. “The opportunity to build up export sales has grown significantly since 2008 when we appointed local distributors. It is a national progression to start-up local manufacture with our state-of-the-art technologies being designed from the very first litres being produced.” said Helmy.

“The factory will also be capable of producing wood coatings industries and decorative finishes but automotive will take up the major slice of product as we ramp up the new factory’s ability to produce world class coatings in India. We can easily replicate the new design for production. Perhaps we can envisage moving up to six or seven other flourishing paint markets in the future of the Kapci Coatings global expansion. With some engineering and determination, anything is possible,” Helmy concluded.