BMW April 2022

When working in a workshop different types and conditions of substrates require different treatment. KAPCI Coating Systems has the right putty for every job. From the putties for smoothing out large surfaces with medium to coarse surface defects, to putties that can be used at high temperatures.  

KAPCI 350 Polyester putty is a general-purpose putty based on polyester resins. It provides the best foundation for all Kapci paint systems combining easy application with easy sanding. The putty can be applied on a variety of substrates such as bare metal, galvanised original car panels, aluminium, fibreglass and properly sanded old surfaces.  

KAPCI 351 Fine Polyester putty is a fine polyester putty containing fine extenders and is used for filling of small scratches and dents. The putty can be applied over PE filling putties and body fillers to have a smooth finish. It inherently, delivers excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrate types including aluminium and fibreglass.  

KAPCI 360 Polyfibre putty is a polyester based putty which constitutes glass fibres. Its high amount of glass fibres provides thick layers in filling of deep dents, small holes and crack filling. The mixing ratio by weight is 100% KAPCI 360 Putty to 1-3% KAPCI PE Putty hardener. Prior to applying KAPCI 360 the surface should be clean and degreased.  

KAPCI 375 Lightweight Body Filler repairs dents, dings, and other cosmetic imperfections on bare steel, aluminium and fibreglass reinforced polyester (FRP). The automotive body filler may also be used on many industrial and architectural surfaces needing cosmetic repairs. It comes in a creamy formula that is easy to mix, spread and sand. Manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients, KAPCI 375 is vacuum processed to minimise pinholes. The filler cures tack free in 20 minutes with good handling characteristics. It resists loading sandpaper, so sanding is easier and you can use less abrasives. This is a two-component product that includes both filler and cream hardener.