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The introduction of a new revolutionary colour-matching tool to Kapci Coating’s range of car refinish paints, the ‘KapciBlink‘ Spectrophotometer, took Automotive Refinisher all the way to Dubai in the UAE for their middle eastern leg of their world product launch.

The Egyptian automotive coatings giant supplies over 65 countries around the world, with car paint being the largest portion of their business making up 95% of their total exports. Having offices based in the UAE, India, Russia and now a new paint production plant set for construction in the third quarter of this year in India, you could say the brand is growing faster than ever. It was evident at the launch just how popular the brand is in UAE markets, having served this region for over 25 years.

Held at Dubai’s luxurious ‘Le Meridian’ Hotel, Khaled Sorour, export manager for Kapci Coatings said that 2017 will see the Kapci Coating’s company enter into a new era and adapt to a new market strategy by introducing a wave of new technologies to the market which will include technical support and training to all of its networks across the globe. This will see increased performance and efficiency to better prepare body shops for the future.

The KapciBlink Colour Spectrophotometer

The KapciBlink is designed and manufactured in the US under the X-Rite company banner and is a three-multi-angle Spectrophotometer that assesses the colour of any given sample. It identifies that colour by analysing the area moving it back and forth, just as you would naturally twist and turn a sample to see the colour from different angles. This particular spectrophotometer measures the light waves (fingerprint) of the colours which helps accurately generate the final colour formula.

To get started calibrate your spectrophotometer to a supplied pure black and white plaque within your Blink box kit, which is really easy and quick to do. You will find every accessory needed in the box including ion battery and chargers, USB interface cabling, including a start-up user CD manual. Once calibration is complete on your KapciBlink you can get straight to work switching to the Measurement Mode on the Spectrophotometer. Clean the surface of the area to be measured (preferably on a predominantly flat surface) and hold your Blink down with the correct amount of pressure to the specific area. The Blink will guide you as to how much pressure needs to be applied until colour identification is achieved.

Once you have your reading, a green ‘checkmark’ will appear and thereafter it’s a simple case of connecting your KapciBlink up to your laptop and adding your measurement into the KAPCI ColorMix software. KAPCI ColorMix is the software developed solely for the KapciBlink and links to the comprehensive Kapci Software system too.

This helps the painter with final colour formula adjustment as they select the type of system they are using, namely: if it’s the waterborne Dima paint system or solvent base, to retrieve the right formula and then make final subtle adjustments to the colour, if need be. It’s now virtually impossible to make a mistake when colour matching thanks to KapciBlink colour identification. All you need to do then is spray out a test panel against the test panel shade to check to see if the colour is correct. Once you are happy with it, go right ahead and finish the job off.

Launched along with the KapciBlink was Kapci Coatings’ new car refinish colour retrieval system SmartMix – a mobile phone application. This has truly taken Kapci digitisation to the next level as the Colour Online Mobile system brings the convenience of colour search and paint mixing to your Android or IOS phones – and all at no cost. The new service is ready for download onto your cellphone now. Also included at the launch was Kapci’s new 6030 anti-scratch self-levelling clearcoat with high gloss finish. This is already here in South Africa – so try it out, if you haven’t already.

One thing for sure, with all of Kapci Coatings research and development into new products and the new KapciBlink, you can look forward to saying goodbye to those customer complaints and costly resprays that would mean profits down the drain. Better than that, it’s advantages like speeding up job turn-around times – thanks to faster colour identification and formula retrieval – lead to increased shop productivity and ultimately boosting business with the new, innovative Kapci Coatings approach to colour-matching problems.